The following comments are from participants at various professional development events we have presented recently.


“I really enjoyed the opportunity to implement the Habits of Mind into specific lessons” –- Secondary College Teacher, Brisbane.


“… vast knowledge base … sharing of past experiences … the best I’ve seen” –- Secondary College Teacher, Brisbane.


challenging us to think about the importance of processes in our teaching, not just content” –- Secondary College Teacher, Brisbane.


“… varied presentation. I always appreciate humor … and also modeling good pedagogy through the workshops” –- Secondary College Teacher, Brisbane.


directly related to the classroom” –- Secondary College Teacher, Brisbane.


“I never felt bored, distracted or annoyed that I have given up a Saturday to be here! Often I find it hard to concentrate during long professional development sessions, not this one though! This I believe is due to how interesting the content is and the concepts are, the absolute relevance and practibility to my teaching and the wonderful and interactive way you both presented it! Thank you for inspiring me and filling me with Awe and Wonder. I am busting to get into my classroom Monday morning.” –- Scone, NSW, Australia.


“Congratulations on the partnership and rapport you share with each other. Thank you for your knowledge.” –- Scone, NSW, Australia.


“Please keep doing what you are doing and sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Thank you for the motivation.” –- Scone, NSW, Australia.


“Had a great time, very valuable. I’ve really appreciated your input/effort. Thank you for your commitment to, and helping us with, the betterment of Aussie kids (particularly those in the Upper Hunter Valley!)” –- Scone, NSW, Australia.


“Participants … were overwhelmingly positive and rated the session extremely relevant.” –- Curriculum Day, Victoria, Australia.


“Pat and Martin were exceptionally well received by our staff. Thanks for pointing me in their direction. I can thoroughly recommend Pat and Martin – excellent liaison and provision of resources.” –- Professional Development Coordinator, Victoria, Australia.


“One of the very best sessions I have attended in my 10 years of public education.” –- VASCD Conference, USA.


“Very thought provoking! It really helps me by seeing the big picture instead of my little corner of the world.” –- VASCD Conference, USA.


“Provoked some new and different ideas about our achievement of students … Great! Very interesting.” –- VASCD Conference, USA.


“Dynamic and varied presentation. Thanks.”–- Dandenong Ranges Combined Curriculum Day, Victoria, Australia.


“Loved the use of clips, different modes of presentation and engagement.

–- Dandenong Ranges Combined Curriculum Day, Victoria, Australia.


“Thoughtful and reflective of my own practices. Very useful as it answers some of my dilemmas.” –- Dandenong Ranges Combined Curriculum Day, Victoria, Australia.


“Excellent presentation and presenters. Very applicable and motivational.”

–- Dandenong Ranges Combined Curriculum Day, Victoria, Australia.


“Please invite these presenters to give this session often and throughout the next few years. Their message is crucial for all educators.” –- Central office administrator VSCD Conference, USA.


“This is wonderful and increasingly significant.” –- Middle school teacher, VASCD Conference, USA.