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Do you ask yourself these questions?


“I teach the material thoroughly. Why don’t my students retain it?”


“What happened to the curiosity about ‘what makes the world work’ that these kids brought to school when they were five?”


“The students are too dependent on their teachers. How do I help them become independent, thoughtful learners?”


“What can I do to help these students put it all together and see that what they are learning will still matter after the testing is finished?”



If you have asked yourself these questions and are puzzling over the answers, our programs will provide you with information and strategies that will enable you to answer them and help your students become skillful thinkers and lifelong learners.




Thinking & Learning in Concert

 provides consultancy services and training in the following areas:



  • Infusing Skillful Thinking into the Curriculum: integration of current research into How People Learn, Habits of Mind, and Systems Thinking into content areas.


  • Habits of Mind: the fundamental ingredient for the development of skillful thinking and creative problem solving for students, teachers and administrators.


  • Systems Thinking: the full range of systems thinking techniques from basic thinking tools to computer programming in Stella.


  • Positive Behavior Management: strategies for both new and experienced teachers who are dealing with challenging behaviors.


  • Content Development: Martin’s expertise in the STEM areas and Patricia’s expertise in Language and Literacy cover a wide range of curriculum content.



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Individualized programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs.




We can provide a variety of formats including:


Introductory presentations for educators


Evening sessions for parents


One day workshops for administrators


Three day workshops for teachers


On going school based consultancy and follow up sessions



Our consultancy work spans both the United States of America and Australia.


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Typical Workshops


Habits of Mind (1 or 2 0r 3 Day Workshop)

Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s “Habits of Mind” are the dispositions of successful thinkers. They provide powerful tools for engaging in metacognition - people thinking about their own thinking. The Habits enable teachers and students to systematically improve their own thinking skills. The importance and practicality of focusing on thinking rather than simply remembering will be demonstrated by offering administrators and teachers practical ways of integrating skillful thinking into an already crowded curriculum.


Thought-filled Classrooms – teaching strategies that make a difference (1 Day Workshop)

Robert Marzano’s thorough review of research based strategies employed by exceptionally successful teachers provides a guide to sound classroom practice. These strategies demonstrably improve student achievement and, when used in conjunction with Habits of Mind, develop students who are skillful thinkers and problem solvers. We will review these strategies and demonstrate how they can be utilized to promote the development of skilful thinking and problem solving. Practical examples of the use of these strategies both in individual classrooms and as whole school policy will be provided.


Infusing Skillful Thinking in the Teaching of Science (1 Day Workshop)

This workshop is designed for elementary school teachers and deals with the infusion of thinking skills into the science curriculum. It will explore some concepts from the physical sciences and life and environmental sciences and the development of lesson plans that focus on infusing skillful thinking into the curriculum. Participants will have the opportunity to explore inquiry based scientific investigations and to develop effective instructional strategies and assessment instruments needed to teach science.


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