The ability to memorize facts is not enough to equip students to solve problems or navigate in an evolving world. If we educate young people to become flexible, metacognitive thinkers – and model that behavior for them – they will understand how to adapt their learning and successfully find their way in new territory. This book shows school leaders and teachers how to build a thinking culture within the entire learning community. Grounded in the research of the best proponents of critical thinking and aligned to the key curriculum goals, this practical guide provides numerous strategies to help teachers and leaders:

·         Shape the school culture so that it promotes a common vision around thinking

·         Create classroom conditions that help students become mindful thinkers

·         Ask questions that develop skillful thinking

·         Help students formulate questions that facilitate problem solving

·         Work with parents to encourage skillful thinking in their children


Included are practical classroom strategies and illustrations, curriculum maps and tools for developing students’ creativity and decision making skills. This timely resource is ideal for preparing leaders, teachers and students to meet the escalating challenges of the future.


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“This book not only defines metacognition and reinforces why it is so important for teaching children and adults, but also elaborates how it can be used.”

            – Lynn Macan, Superintendent, Cobleskill – Richmondville, Central School District, NY


“The authors draw on their unique experiences and extensive knowledge of teaching and learning. The text integrates research from various sources that come together in a unique approach to guide the transition to 21st century learning.”

            – Susan Stewart, Assistant Professor, Ashland University, OH


Developing Mindful Students, Skillful Thinkers, Thoughtful Schools is very well written and uses excellent examples that make the topics come alive for the readers."

            – Claudia J. Thompson, Academic Officer, Learning and Teaching, Peninsula School District, Gig Harbor, WA


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