Thinking and Learning in Concert

was founded by Pat and Martin Buoncristiani.


TLC is based on two fundamental ideas.


First, students learn best when they are actively engaged in the process of their learning.


Second, individuals are best equipped to approach problems of any sort when they embrace those habits of mind that foster skillful thinking and innovation.


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The term “habits of mind” is used in many different contexts. We use it here in two ways. First, in a general sense, as those cognitive dispositions enabling skillful and innovative thinking and second, in reference to a specific body of knowledge developed by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick.


TLC will foster the understanding and implementation of these fundamental ideas across the educational enterprise by encouraging parents, school administrators, teachers and children to actively think about their learning and to develop and use sound habits of mind.


The TLC philosophy reflects the emphasis that Pat and Martin have given to their lives as educators. They believe that


·         teaching involves establishing nurturing relationships with students while expecting and encouraging quality in their performance.


·         competent teaching acknowledges the need to continuously monitor the learning of students.

·         inspired teaching creates students who yearn to learn.



Pat Buoncristiani has spent over thirty years as an educator committed to the belief that learning how to think is the foundation for every successful learner. She has been a classroom teacher, a teachers college lecturer and, most recently, a school principal in both Australia and the USA. Her experience includes work with school systems in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. She has had extensive experience training educators in early literacy development, behavior management and the development of thinking based curricula.








Dr. Martin Buoncristiani is an emeritus professor of physics at Christopher Newport University in the USA. He has been dedicated to science and mathematics education for over forty years. In his involvement in curricular development for the university he has been a strong advocate for adapting teaching methods to our current understanding of how people learn. His scientific research has focused on lasers and optical science and he was awarded the NASA Public Service Medal for his work developing instruments for atmospheric study. Throughout his career he has addressed K-12 science education, beginning with promotion of computers in the classroom in the 1970’s and extending to the introduction of critical thinking skills in the current decade.


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Both Martin and Pat are Qualified Staff Developers for Habits of Mind, trained and supported by Drs. Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick: Both have also been trained in the application of Systems Thinking to educational practices, are familiar with cognitive coaching techniques and have implemented Marzano’s instructional strategies in a variety of educational settings.


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